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Live your dream to surf! Let surfing enhance your life! Surfing in one of the most exhilarating, healthy, and natural experiences available. See what a difference professional surf instruction and the latest technology can make.

Beginner Group Surfing Lesson:
  In these two-hour lessons we introduce surfing fundamentals, etiquette, safety, wave dynamics, paddling skills, surfboard positioning, maneuvering, proper stand-up and riding techniques. We have both Open Groups and Private Groups available by reservation. Form your own private group with 4 or more. Larger group discounts are available upon request for groups of 6 participants or more. Special sessions for women or men only, wedding parties, bachelor/ette, parties, corporate team building, school groups, church groups, birthday parties, Yoga and surf retreats are also available.
• Price $90 per person (Ages 12 and up) | Sign Up >

Group Follow-up Surfing Lesson:
  Two hour Group Follow-Up Lessons are designed for anyone who has previously taken any surfing lesson or camp with us. Improve Your Skills! Join other students to receive more helpful tips from our Master Instructors using our specially designed surfboards.
• Price: $75 per person (Ages 12 and up) | Sign Up >

Semi-Private Surfing Lesson:
  Learn to surf in your own exclusive two hour semi-private lesson with your family members or friends. These sessions offer a greater level of instructor attention than our standard group lessons. With 2 or more students per master instructor they are tailored to fit any skill level or age.
• Price: $120 per person (ages 9 and up) | Sign Up >
• Price: w/Ed: $150 per person (ages 9 and up)
| Sign Up >

Private Surfing Instruction:
  For those who want one-on-one surf instruction from our Master Instructors. These sessions are highly recommended for students who want to bring their surfing to the next skill level. Private instruction is available in 1, 1 1/2 or 2-hour sessions.
• Price: $120 hourly (all ages) | Sign Up >
• Price: $180 1.5 hours (all ages) | Sign Up >
• Price: $240 two hours (all ages) | Sign Up >
• Price w/Ed: $150 per hour (all ages)
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Standup Paddle Board Lessons:
  Available in the formats listed above.
• Price: $120 per hour (all ages) | Sign Up >
• Price w/Ed: $150 per hour (all ages)
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Skill Level Descriptions:

Beginner: wave dynamics, ocean safety, paddling, surf etiquette, stand up and riding techniques.

Intermediate: wave judgment, riding the curl, angled takeoffs, trimming and cutbacks.

Advanced Longboarding: cross stepping, nose riding, side slipping, head stands, re-entries and cutbacks.

Advanced Shortboarding: off the lips, bottom turns, deep pocket riding, floaters, carving and competition strategies.

Expert Longboarding: Hanging Ten, Hanging Heels, Helicopter 360¹s, floaters, roundhouse cutbacks and tube riding.

Expert Surfing: (Shortboards and Big Wave Guns) late drops, tube riding, aerials, roundhouse cutbacks, lip rides, 360 maneuvers, big wave training and more.

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